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Mixed Martial Arts Or MMA fighter must compete within a league or federation. Each federation has it's own rules and requirements. Which federation you are interested in would decided where to get a form. Contact the federation or league of your choice for information and forms.

AnswerEach fighter must compete within an umbrella organization or league. Contact the organization a specific fighter is associated with for information about specific fighters and where to find specific information regarding their organization. Most leagues have a website and post results and records of their competitions.

Go ask them personally!

From JohnWilkinson (end:xymm) This -is not- "boxing" and -does not- belong in this -category- -If anyone "there" -wishes- to -advance- in -boxing- -Put a message to me- -I can -advise-- Don't you have your own -forum-? The -only tie in- between the two -sports- -aught- to be "cross over competitors"/ "yes", I, and others, will have -interest in these -persons-. I am not trying to be a 'hard asses' but, I -do- -see- -enough- of -these- to -reckon- that they are -laid- -here- -on purpose- -xymm-

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Q: How can you find out about how many fights an amateur fighter has had?
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