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Basically speaking a foil is a lot thinner, springer and more bendable than an epee the epee also possesses a larger hand guard. Also during the bout the foil target area is the torso only where as epee target area is the whole body.

when scoring points with a foil the points are awarded and a time and Fencing time basis unlike in epee where if two people hit they are both given a point.

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In both foil and epee, the goal is to hit your opponent with the tip of the blade. Other than that and the typical similarities between the weapons in fencing, there are not many. In Epee, if both fencers hit each other, both are awarded a point. However, in foil, there is a system of right of way to determine the recipient of the touch. Also, in Epee, the target area consists of the entire body, while in foil, it consists of only the torso and back.

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Q: How are foil and epee events similar?
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What do you call a person that uses an epee?

The epee is used in sport fencing. It is also an event in the modern pentathlon.

What are the fencing weoppons?

foil, sabre, and epee.

What is a foil in Sea of Monsters?

A foil is a type of fencing sword. There are three types: foil, epee, and sabre.

What are the three types of fencing?

Foil, Epee, and Saber

What is a four letter word for sword?

foil, epee

Four letter word for dagger?

That could be either the foil or the epee, as both are fencing swords with four letters in their titles.

What is the proper name for the sword in fencing?

there are three swords foil epee saber the one which is most like the old fashioned dueling sword is epee because you can hit them any where and it is heavy i hope this answers your question

What is the name of the fencing sword?

there are three, the foil, the epee, and the Sabre

Which type of fencing is featured in the Olympics?

3 fencing eventsFoil: In foil, the target area is the chest and back. The game is contact and right of way. If fencer A attacks and Fencer B parries and does a riposte Fencer B scores. Epee: In Epee the target area is the whole body. Right of way rules do not apply, it is simply first to hit, with points going to both fencers if they both hit with 1/25th of a second.Sabre: In Sabre the target is above the waist. Hits are scored by slashing or lunging and has the most complicated right of way rules, for instance priority goes to the fencer who parries with the forte as opposed to the foible and is notoriously difficult to referee

Did Super Chicken carry a foil or an epee?

Henry Cabot Henhaus III , AKA Super Chicken , brandished an epee .

Who won the gold medal in women's fencing in 2000?

Individual Epee: Timea Nagy - Hungary Individual Foil: Valentina Vezzali - Italy Team Epee: Russia Team Foil: Italy

What is the difference between an epee fencing sword and a foil fencing sword?

An epee will typically have a broader, deeper bell guard around the grip than a foil, which has a much smaller guard. When fencing with an electric weapon, the epee's tip requires a simple depression to activate the scoring light, whereas the foil's tip must depress when in contact with an opponent's lame.