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A total of three American men held the title of Heavyweight Boxing Champion in the year 1994. They were Evander Holyfield, Michael Moorer, and Oliver McCall. Additionally, Herbie Hide was a British Heavyweight Boxing Champion in that year.

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the first to win the heavyweight title under queensbury rules was James j corbett, who defeated reigning champion john l Sullivan.

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Anna Crinstone

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The brown bomber Joe Louis.

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Q: Heavy weight boxing champ from 1937 to 1949?
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Who was the heavy weight boxing champion from 1937-1948?

Joe Louis...

Was the world heavyweight boxing champion from 1937?

Joe Louis was champ from 1937 - 1949

Who was the world heavyweight boxing champ from 1937 to 1949?

joe louis

Who was the world heavy weight champion from1937 to1949 boxing?

Joe Louis was World Heavyweight Champion from 1937 to 1949.

Who was the heavyweight boxing champ who ruled his division from 1937 - 1949?

The Brown Bomber himself Joe Louis.

How many years was Joe Louis the heavy weight boxing champion?

11 Years, 8 months and 7 days, 1937 - 1949.

World Heavy Weight boxer 1937 to 1949?

Joe Louis.

Who was a 1930's heavyweight champ?

Max Schmeling 1930-32 Jack Sharkey 1932-33 Primo Carnera 1933-34 Max Baer 1934-35 James J. Braddock 1935-37 Joe Louis 1937-49

What day was Boxing Day 1937?

December 26th.

Who was the black heaveyweight boxing champion from 1937 to 1949?

Joe Louis

In 1938 Who did joe Louis beat for the heavy weight belt?

James J Braddock is the man Louis beat for the title in June 1937

Who was World heavywieght boxing champion in 1937?

Joe Louis beat champion James Braddock in June 1937 for the title.