Has john morrison got a sister?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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he does not have 1 but he goes out with Melina

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Yes, he has two.

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Q: Has john morrison got a sister?
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Does john Morrison have any sisters?

no john Morrison does not have any sister or brother but he is going out with Melina

When did john Morrison get married?

not yet..... they just got back together.....

Who is better John Morrison or Sheamus?

john Morrison

Does John Morrison have children?

No, John Morrison does not have children.

Who is better edge or Morrison?

my sister and me love egde and Morrison

Is John Morrison's name really John Morrison?

no. it's john hennigan.

When was John Lowrie Morrison born?

John L. Morrison was born in 1863.

Who is better john Morrison or drew McIntyre?

john Morrison

What is John morrison's race?

john Morrison is Irish and swedish.

What happened to mnm?

Nitro got fired after his nose got broken, so Melina and John Morrison went their own ways.

Is John Morrison and John mercury the same person?


Who won sheamus or john Morrison at survivor series?

John Morrison