Examples of fixator muscle

Updated: 9/28/2023
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The functions of a fixator muscle is the stabalizing of the orgin of the prime mover so that the prime mover can act more efficiently. Fixators steady the proximal end of a limb while movements occurs at the distal end.

EX: The scapula is a freely movable bone that serves as the orgin for several muscles that move the arm. When the arm contracts the scapula must be held steady.

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A fixator muscle is a muscle in body which moves to provide support for another part being in motion. An example of a fixator muscle can be your bicep when you raise your arms or thigh muscles when you are running.

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Q: Examples of fixator muscle
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What is the muscle that prevents bone from moving?


What muscle interacts with a postural muscles for the most part?


Helps to stabilize the origin of the prime mover?

The fixator of a muscle stabilizes the muscle at the point of origin.

Acts to reverse or act against the action of another muscle?


What is the role of fixator muscle in human body?

The main role of fixator muscles in the human body is to stabilize joints and maintain the body's posture during movement. Fixator muscles work synergistically with other muscles to provide stability and support for efficient movement. They help in preventing unwanted movement of joints and assist in maintaining proper alignment during physical activities.

What is the fixator muscle used in sit ups?

The fixator is one of many muscles used during situps. The fixator muscle stabilizes one part of your body when you move another part.

What fixator muscle is used when doing wide chin ups?

i think is the deltoid muscle but I'm not sure tbh

Can anyone define these muscle terms Antagonist pairs prime mover synergist fixator origin and insertion?

Antagonist: Controls movement, opposite of prime mover Prime Mover: Main muscle that is directly responsible for movement Synergist: Aids in movement of muscle

What are 3 examples of muscle cells?

Skeletal muscle cells are responsible for voluntary movement of the body. Cardiac muscle cells make up the heart and are involved in pumping blood throughout the body. Smooth muscle cells are found in walls of internal organs and play a role in involuntary movements like digestion and blood vessel constriction.

What are examples of muscular system?

Some examples are smooth muscle and cardiac muscle.

What is the Fixator for a leg extension?

A fixator for a leg extension exercise is a piece of equipment that helps stabilize and secure the leg during the movement, typically found in a leg extension machine. It is designed to isolate the quadriceps muscles by restricting movement in the hip and knee joints, allowing for more targeted muscle engagement and better form. Fixators can help enhance the effectiveness and safety of leg extension exercises by providing proper support for the legs.

Immobilizes the origin of a prime mover?

An immobilization of the origin of a prime mover would prevent the muscle from contracting and generating movement. This can be due to injury, neurological impairment, or structural damage, and would result in limited or no function of the muscle. Rehabilitation and therapy may be required to restore movement and function.