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In the United States, the National Flag is often displayed at places of public gathering, meetings, and classroom instruction. This is a symbol of patriotism, and social unity. In most Taekwondo dojang (schools) around the world, the Korean Flag is hung in honor of the place of origin of Taekwondo, and the National Flag of the country where the dojang is located is also prominently displayed.

Taekwondo is a Martial Art that teaches students to be positive role models in the community, law abiding citizens, and productive members of society. The presence of the American flag in Taekwondo schools in the United States is a reminder to students that they are part of a country that stands for individual freedoms and human rights as well as moral and ethical obligations. Just as individuals utilize Taekwondo to defend themselves and stand up for what is right, other people have shed blood and died in defense of the country, and preserving these freedoms.

Like most martial artists, taekwondo students follow a version of the Se Sok O-Gye, a moral code formulated by a Buddhist monk named Won Gwang in the 6th century AD.

The original Se Sok O-Gye (moral code) consisted of five parts:

事君以忠 -- Loyalty to one's king.

事親以孝 -- Respect to one's parents.

交友以信 -- Faithfulness to one's friends.

臨戰無退 -- Courage in battle.

殺生有擇 -- Justice in killing.

In modern times, loyalty to one's king is easily translated into loyalty to one's country. Wearing the flag of one's country on the sleeve of the uniform, and displaying it in the dojang, is a nice way to express one's loyalty and patriotism.

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Q: Does the American flag have anything to do with Tae Kwon Do?
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