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Hi I am a former student of Al Thomas. My brother and I were fortunate enough to have trained under him in Burbank California. My name is Jason. You can contct me at

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Q: Does anyone know of a website with photos of martial arts legend Al Thomas from 'The World of Martial Arts' video?
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How many people can do martial arts?

Anyone can do martial arts if they have the physical ability, In my karate school we have a kid with downsyndrom who is a purple belt and only needs two more belts to become black. So practically anyone can do martial arts.

What does anyone know of a martial art with aikido and krav maga and wing chung Kung Fu combined?

It's called Mixed Martial Arts

How many styles of martial arts can a person know before the age of 29?

It is impossible to know any martial art in anyamount of time. Besides you do not need to know several martial arts. If you find a martial arts that suits you and train, train and train, then in 3-4 years you should be pretty proficient at it. Everyone who studys martial arts are always learning. If anyone says they know a martial art, they are either lying or have a massive ego.

How do martial artists chop wood?

With an axe and a chainsaw like anyone else.

What is the Martial Arts discipline that's fit to based among for Women?

You may be referring to Wing Chun which was created by a woman. Otherwise, there really isn't a martial arts that is fit for women more than it is for men. Anyone can do any form of martial arts that they chose to.

Does anyone have a list of all English martial art clubs in Budapest if so what are they?


You are a Hindu since birth may you still learn a martial art?

Anyone with the desire can learn a martial art. There are some religions that would frown upon the enterprise, but most don't object.

Sun Hang Do?

Sun Hang Do is called the complete martial art because the training is very holistic and improves all areas of your martial art training. Anyone that watches professional martial arts fighting knows that the best athletes out there are well-rounded and do not focus solely on one area.

Has anyone ever thought about mixed martial arts being apart of the Olympics?

they are talking about it but it will be in 2016 if they do

How many moves are there in MMA?

There are many and not an exact amount, Anyone can make up a martial art move

How many moves are in MMA?

There are many and not an exact amount, Anyone can make up a martial art move

Has anyone ever done a research project on martial artists?

Hundreds of research projects have been done on martial artists. They involve everything from reaction times, bone density, general health, temprament and learning abilities.