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yes, he has said that in an interview that he has had training

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Q: Does Christian Kane have martial arts training?
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What martial arts Christian Kane trains in?

I recently saw an online video where Christian discussed this. He indicated that he had no formal martial arts training before Leverage, having, instead, a history of high school wrestling and middle America Saturday night scuffles.

Martial arts in religion?

It is essential to remember that martial arts are not a religion because they do not function as a place of God's service and worship. It serves merely as a tool to carry out the required training. Every martial arts training program will have shortcomings.

Do girl like martial arts?

Yes, girls and women seek out Martial Arts training for any reasons, including the original reason for having invented the martial arts: self defense.

How does the brain use in martial arts?

As they say, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, which is exactly what you get with martial arts. However, training the mind is the main aspect of Martial Arts!

What is a Korean martial arts school called?

Dojang is the common name used to describe a Korean martial arts training hall / school.

Where did Pat Morita get his martial arts training?

He learned Wing Chun kung fu in Hong Kong.

What has the author Michael D Janich written?

Michael D. Janich has written: 'Homemade martial arts training equipment' -- subject(s): Training, Martial arts weapons, Martial arts 'Knife fighting' -- subject(s): Knife fighting

What is the greatest martial arts training?

Well according to martial arts... 1.Kung-fu & Jeet kune do 2.Taekwondo 3.Kickboxing 4.Boxing 5.Thai boxing 6.Karate Karate basecally has no martial arts...Kung-fu and Jeet kune do are the strongest martial arts training ever....

Who is training hypnotism in India with martial arts?

the balder will exploded

What do you do inside a dojo?

Engage in martial arts training and competition.

What is tiger rock martial arts?

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is a National franchising company providing health, skills and fitness training through its franchisees' Martial Arts programs for members of all ages.

What is the opinion of the Christian Church where martial arts is concerned?

Who cares, martial arts derived from Buddhism and Shinto cultures. Plus god doesn't exist.