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Yes he does.

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Q: Does Bret hart read fan mail personally?
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Was the Montreal screw job really a screw job or was it a work?

For more than a decade, the Montreal Screwjob has been a legendary night within professional wrestling. However, it has been recently speculated that it was in fact planned out as with many other story lines in professional wrestling with very few (as few as Hart and Vince alone) knowing the truth. Personally, I think it was in fact a "work" because Vince loves controversy and Bret loves being the victim (if you don't believe that, read Hart's book). Bret's timing of his documentary "Wrestling with Shadows" coinciding with the event seems suspicious as well.

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What did vince McMahon do to screw Bret hart?

the story is quite simple. you see Eric bishoff the wcw general manager at the time wanted Bret to join wcw as part of a heel group called the NWO. vince was afraid that Bret would take the WWF championship with him but i have recently read brets biography at at it says Bret told vince backstage '' vince don't worry I WILL NOT be taking the wwf title to wcw even though Eric keeps saying i should, i kust wanna with here tonight in Montreal because this is my home country and i will lose the next night on raw before i leave'' Bret was obviously gonna leave to wcw no matter what. vince however just for some strange reason he refused to believe Bret so he made this stupid and sad plan to screw Bret without Bret finding out the details he spoke privately to HBK and asked him to screw Bret by putting him in sharp shooter thus earl the ref would ring the bell though Bret never tapped. i believe that hbk did not wanna screw Bret but instead vince munipulated hbk with threat of firing him

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