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I tend to call Carlito the "Upset Kid," everyonce in a while Wrestling will throw one of these guys in our faces and force us to acknowledge them. At least when they did it with X-Pac though back when he was the 1-2-3 Kid he eventually did manifest into a good wrestler that innovated a lot of the Cruiserweight/Light Heavyweight wrestling in the United States. There's nothing unique about Carlito, his athletic ability is nothing unique and his gimmick is really cheesy. A wrestler that spits bitten off pieces of an apple into people's faces? Ooooo, got to love the creative team at the WWE for that. If Shelton Benjamin was destine to lose the Intercontinental championship at some point which I'm sure he was, I would have preferred him to lose it against someone a bit more deserving of being noticed and recognized like RVD perhaps when he comes back, that would have made for a great match. It's just weird that a wrestler can go from owning over the hill Ric Flair, Snitzky, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho.....etc. and the guy that knocks him off for the championship after holding it like 7 or 9 months is a Side Show Bob look alike in Carlito? LoL, come on.

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Q: Do you think carlito have to win the intercontinental championship and why?
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