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Not to be a karate instructor, but to run a business/health club style facility, you must be licensed and registered business. There are seldom any rules for teaching Martial Arts, so it is up to you to determine whether the instruction you are getting is 'real' and from a qualified instructor. Things to look for include affiliation with a respected national or international organization.

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Q: Do you have to have a license to teach Karate in California?
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Can a Non California License holder teach driving to a instruction permit holder in California?


Does karate teach you how to do a flip?

no xma does

Can you teach a fish karate?


How much education is required to become a karate teacher?

There are no educational requirements to teach karate.

Do you need a license to teach martial arts in caifornia?

There is no martial arts license required in California. However, to run a business will require a business license and meeting the appropriate health codes.

What does karate teach that Kung Fu doesn't teach?

Karate was based on a combination of kung fu and Okinawan wrestling. They are very similar in most of the basic techniques and principles. Karate tends to be a bit more direct and stresses power.

What kind of college degree do you need to coach karate?

You have to know what you are going to teach. There are no education requirements. Your particular organization may require specific criteria be met before you are authorized to teach.

How did Japanese Karate begin?

Japanese karate was a branch of Okinawa karate. Gichen Funikoshi came to Japan in the 1930's to demonstrate the art. He remained for the rest of his life to teach what is now known as Shodokan Karate.

Where can you teach without a teachers license?

Memphis City Schools in Memphis, Tn will allow you to teach without a license on an "alternate license," which is essentially you working towards becoming licensed while you teach.

Does karate use nun-chucks?

Karate does not use weapons. Many karate schools also teach kobudo, which is the use of weapons, and have failed to keep the distinction between the two arts.

What does a karate instructer do?

Students may be taught karate individually or in groups by karate teachers. They teach pupils new skills and help them hone their existing ones. Teachers keep track of their pupils' development and help them get ready for promotion.

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No. You can only get a California license if you're a resident of California.