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Not in the real Martial Arts. If that was the case, there would be very few black belts in the world! I've been training for ten years and there is no chance I could beat my sensei, and he is 79 years old!

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Q: Do you have to beat the sensei in karate to earn a black belt?
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On Club Penguin can you beat Sensei if your brown belt?

No, you can only beat Sensei if you are a black belt and have faced him 5-8 times. You can, but it maybe a glitch, I beat sensei at Brown belt, but i did NOT become a ninja.

What qualifications does it take to beat sensei in clubpenguin?

you can defeat Sensei if you have black belt. first you have to lose sensei 5 times in sensei mode and then in the 6 time Sensei gets tired and you win him ^^

Is there a way to beat sensei without the black belt?


Can you beat the sensei without the black belt in clubpenguin?

No, you can not beat Sensei without the black belt. if you try he will beat you every time. You have to become a black belt to play a fair game. Hope this helps! What is above is a really bad answer, but i still don't know how to beat it

How do you get a karate belt on Club Penguin?

First, you need to win up to black belt in card-jitsu. When you get it, challenge the Sensei and try to beat him. If you do, he will make you ninja. You will also get a secret place. He will tell you where it is. Go to the secret place and there will be a Matirial Art catalog. There will be a karate belt in there.

How do you beat Sensei on Club Penguin when you are not a black belt?

You can't!

How do you beat sensei on clubpenguin?

In order to beat the Sensei, you have to have the black belt. Second you go up to him and click the second button. Third you battle him. This step may take many tries. After you defeat him, he gives you the black belt mask. That's how you beat the Sensei

Is there a cheat to become a ninja?

No. You must get to black belt and beat Sensei.

How does sensei win every time if you are not on black belt?

To defeat sensei you must be a black belt. When I tried, you needed to keep this combination going: fire, water, snow. When you beat sensei you become a ninja.

On the online game Club Penguin can you beat the Sensei with anything less than a black belt?

no it will not work because you need a black belt so wear your black belt to beat him

How do you beat the sensei on cp?

You have to become a black belt and me at

How to beat sensei club penguin?

U should become a black belt to beat the sensei coz he is the only hard person to challange wid