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yes. I am a man who has lost many times to a woman in Wrestling and the ladies all seemed very proud of the fact that they could compete against a man and defeat me.

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Any women that is competitive wants to win, no matter what her opponent sex is.

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Q: Do women enjoy defeating males in wrestling?
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Do boys wrestle more than girls?

Historically, wrestling has skewed heavily towards males rather than females. This leads back to its roots as an ancient Greek sport, which was exclusively for males, and even further than that as cave paintings primarily depicting males. As time progressed, wrestling remained much more popular with men than women, although women became more common in the sport in the twentieth century.Today, it is much more common to see male wrestlers. The typical WWE show, for instance, might feature one women's match alongside a handful of men's matches, and the same goes for their closest competitor, TNA, as well. There are federations with all-woman rosters, such as Shimmer Women Athletes in the US, or Japan Women's Pro Wrestling in Japan, where women's wrestling is referred to as joshi.

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