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Actually, no, they typically only eat two meals a day. It consists mostly of a hearty fish stew, but they do eat vast quantities of food!

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Q: Do sumo wrestlers have 3 or more meals a day to gain weight?
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How can a 12 year old girl 60 inches and weighing 66 pounds gain weight if she will not eat much?

maybe she could gain weight if you spread her meals out more so that she would be more Hungary in time for her meals and if you make her meals that contain more calories.

Can you gain weight by eating big healthy meals?

yes...because if you eat more calories than you burn you will gain weight no matter what!

Do sumo wrestlers compete only with wrestlers of their weight?

No, there are no weight classes in sumo. So a wrestler can be matched up with someone who is much heavier. That is why weight gain is so important in sumo training.

When is best to exercise before or after meals to burn more fat?

after because you gain weight when you eat hope that helps you lose weight

What are the best weight gain diets?

In my year of experience I have learned that the best way to gain weight is to consume small, frequent meals throughout the day. This keeps your metabolism going and allows you to consume more calories.

Can not eating sweets help you lose weight fast?

Weight gain is due the lack of a healthy lifestyle. Eating sugar does not make you gain weight. In fact, sugar is the first substance quickly absorbed by the body to create energy. Fatty carbohydrates are the ones that cause weight gain. Meat and bread and grains have high fat content. The best way to maintain a healthy weight is plenty of exercise, a balanced diet (not gorging on food and healthy food choices), many small meals throughout the day instead of three large meals. Skipping meals can make the body to store more fat thus causing weight gain. Alcohol also plays a major role in weight gain. A glass of wine at dinner each night will not make you gain weight, three or more beers a day can. --Kelsey

How do you get a bigger appetite?

Eat meals more frequently, gain weight, in-turn your body will need more calories to stay at the same weight (or continue to grow) therefore making you want and need to eat more.

If you skip a meal does it make you gain weight?

Skipping a meal doesnt necessarily mean that you will gain weight, but it will make you want to eat a little more than regular to make up for that lost meal. So that's where, I would think, people would get the idea that skipping meals make you gain weight.

How long should you expect to gain weight after quitting smoking?

People gain weight when they quit smoking because cigarettes are an appetite suppressant. Most people who smoke replace snacking and/or meals with cigarette smoking. When someone quits smoking, they will notice that they are hungry more often. Usually, they will replace smoking with snacking and/or eating more often. If you recently quit smoking, and you do not want to gain weight from increased appetite, then try snacking on fruits and vegetables. Count the calories in your meals. Lower calorie meals can be just as filling as higher calorie meals. You will continue to gain weight as long as your calorie intake exceeds the amount of calories you are burning during a normal day. A good average is 2000 calories a day for men and 1500 calories a day for women to maintain your weight. How long you continue to gain weight is affected by many variables, but on average, a person will level out after 4-8 months. However, the potential to continue to gain weight, continuously, does exsist. If you are diligent about watching your calorie intake, you will be fine.

How do to you gain weight if you don't like to eat?

If you don't eat, you're not going to gain weight. The only way to do it would be to eat regularily then eat nothing. Then fat will build up making you gain weight. This is a very unhealthy way to gain weight. It's simple, eat more than you usually do, you gain weight. Eat less, lose weight. Eat the same amount, weight stays the same. Advice for you would be eating three big meals, not much snacking. That way you will get more calories in.

What does weight gain powder do?

weight gain powder gives you more muscle.

How do you can gain your weight except taking food?

To gain weight you have to eat more.