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Q: Do people get boners while wrestling?
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Why do people have guilt?

because they have boners

Do guys get boners when they are on ecstasy?

no boners

Why do old ladies wear thongs?

kuz it gives their old husbands boners.....their saggy boners *gags*

What are interneurons responsible for?


Do horses have boners?


What are the differences between traditional wresling an modern wresling?

traditional wrestling is used for entertainment while modern wrestling is used to earn a living

What are the release dates for Funny Boners - 1954?

Funny Boners - 1954 was released on: USA: 27 November 1954

Can you punch while you are wrestling?

No you are not supposed to.

Did chris Jericho and goldberg get in a real fight while wrestling?

"While wrestling" as in during a match? No, they got in a real fight backstage.

Have you ever gotten an erection while wrestling?

I'm a male, and yes I have , but only while wrestling a Female (because I'm not gay).

What are the ratings and certificates for Famous Boners - 1942?

Famous Boners - 1942 is rated/received certificates of: Finland:S (1946) USA:Passed

When was The Pocket Book of Boners created?

The Pocket Book of Boners was created in 1931 by humorist Dr. Seuss, before he became famous for his children's books. The book featured humorous illustrations and puns aimed at an adult audience.