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To madden the bull and get a better fight out of him. If the bull is passive there is no "Bull fight". Later after the bull is exhausted and been tortured enough they use a long sword and stab him in the heart ending his final hour of pain, torture and anger. Then they offer up the body for food to the locals. Any animal tortured to death tastes bitter because of the Adrynalyne saturates the meat so the bull tastes bad.

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The matador only 'stabs' the bull at the time of the kill when he must stab the animal in a very small area on the tossing muscle so that the sword severs a main artery. It is surrounded by bone and the open area is less in size than the palm of a hand.

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Yes. While the bull is goaded by attendants by being stuck with short pikes, the goal of the matador is to plunge a saber into it's shoulders down through it's ribcage.

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Q: Do matadors stab the bull while fighting?
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