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Yes he eats worms but he only eats them while hes in the wwe building.

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Q: Did the boogeyman really eat off jillian hall?
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Who is the WWE wrestler the boogEYMAN?

Boogeyman is a wrestler in the wwe. His gimmick was to eat worms and to be creepy(he really ate worms).He had feuds with king Booker and finlay. but wwe released him in 2009 or 2008

What is world wrestling entertainment boogeyman like to eat?

The Boogeyman likes to eat worms, and he usually makes his fallen opponents eat the worms as well.

Is the boogeyman going to eat you?

Yes, Yes he is

Why does WWE wrestler eat worms?

The Boogeyman. . .

What happened to the Shawnee Indian's captives?

The Boogeyman eat them

Does WWE wrestler boogeyman eat worm?

I read on Wrestlezone that he really does eat worms in real life. Not just as a spoof, but he enjoys it.

Does the boogeyman eat real worms?

Yes,because then why would they be moving

Does the boogeyman monster eat people?

Yes, he does. He eats children who misbehave or are disobedient and he also eats worms. Also the boogeyman has considered teenagers to be children.

Does boogeyman eat worms?

Yes he eats worms but he only eats them while hes in the wwe building.

What if Luke Skywalker was a vampire?

It would be REALLY awkward that a hero was a vampire then he wouldn't eat in the mess hall with the other rebels.

What is meant by Jillian Michaels diet?

Jillian Michaels is on the Biggest Loser television show. Her diet is very strict about what you can and can't eat, she also demands almost 5 hours a day of exercise.

What is the boogeyman monster?

the boogeyman monster is an imangary monster that was first heard of in 1505. parents used his name to scare children to make them go to sleep on time or to eat there meals.