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Q: Did sugar Ray Leonard cause a death due to a fight?
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Where did sugar ray Leonard last see donnie lalonde?

On November seventh 1988 Sugar Ray Leonard and Donnie Lalonde had two belts on the line for this particular match. Sugar Ray Leonard was the victor, this was a vary memorable fight.

Is sugar ray Leonard going to fight in the ultimate fighting champian?

no that is not going to happen

Was sugar ray Leonard knocked down by ayub kalule?

No! Leonard knocked down Ayub Kalule. The fight was stopped after Kalule got up. Fight seems to have been stopped, prematurely!

Sugar Ray Leonard vs Thomas leanard?

In the first fight, Leonard came from behind to ko Hearns in the 14th round of a 15 rounder. In the rematch, Hearns scored two knockdowns and the fight was still a draw.

What is the birth name of Sugar Ray Leonard?

Sugar Ray Leonard's birth name is Leonard, Ray Charles.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Super Fight - 1987?

The cast of The Super Fight - 1987 includes: Marvelous Marvin Hagler as himself Sugar Ray Leonard as himself

Who were sugar ray Leonard parent's?

• Getha and Cicero Leonard

Did Sugar Ray fight Ron Aurit?

Yes, Ron Aurit fought Sugar Ray Leonard in 1976. And not only did Ron Aurit fight Sugar Ray and lost by a split decision at the legendary Blue Horizon, he also founded the Boxing Scholarship Foundation which raises money for boxers to go to college. Additionally, Sugar Ray Leonard fought Bernard Hopkins and Ron Aurit refereed the game.

When did Sugar Ray Leonard come back from retirement?

Leonard retired several times. After announcing his (first) retirement because of a detached retina, Leonard returned to fight Kevin Howard. He retired again after that bout, but returned almost three years later to fight Marvin Hagler. He retired again after that fight, but then returned about a year and a half later to fight Donny Lalonde. After drawing against Thomas Hearns and defeating Roberto Duran, Leonard lost to Terry Norris and retired for the fourth time. Six years later after fighting Hector Camacho, he retired for the fifth and final time. Visit for daily sports commentary

What is Sugar Ray Leonard's birthday?

Sugar Ray Leonard was born on May 17, 1956.

What is Sugar Ray Leonard's hometown?

Sugar Ray Leonard's hometown is Wilmington, North Carolina.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Comeback of Sugar Ray Leonard - 1984?

The cast of Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Roberto Duran II - 1980 includes: Howard Cosell as himself