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You do realise Wrestling is a complete acting show and none of it is real

they have told u this to make the undertaker scarier, but it is just lies

so grow up and stop believing in crap like that

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Q: Did really a devil get inside the body of undertaker?
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Is the undertaker a devil worshipper?

yes. he worships the devil before every show. reports are that he has dedicated a whole level of his house to satan. may god curse his sould and may he burn in hell for an eternity

What is that black stuff Jennifer throws up in Jennifer's Body?

Its suppose to be a methphor for the devil inside her

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How old is the devil?

Nobody really knows the answerto that question. And how do you even know if there is a devil? There maybe one but ho do you really know. Truth is no body in this world really knows There is no sense of time in the spirit realm.

Does the Undertaker look good?

The undertaker has tons of tatoo's all over his body. He has a tatoo on his neck and all over his body

When was Angel in a Devil's Body created?

Angel in a Devil's Body was created in 1983.

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Will the undertaker return at 2.21.11?

Yes, the Undertaker will return on 2/21/11.You are probably wondering how do i know? Well, every Monday Night Raw, they show separate commercials showing a dark house on a rainy day and they show the Undertaker's boots. On the third part of the commercials, they show the Undertaker walking past the window. On the second part at the commercial, They show the undertaker going inside of the house and play the song, '' There ain't no grave that can hold my body down'', which is the song they always play when the Undertaker returns.

What is the duration of Angel in a Devil's Body?

The duration of Angel in a Devil's Body is 1.65 hours.

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You've got to be kidding.

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What injuries did undertaker sustain at wrestlemania xxvii against Triple H?

actually, undertaker had alot of injuries against triple h but, he had tem on his body. (all his body)...