Did maryse ever kiss the miz?

Updated: 10/19/2022
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Considering they have been dating in real life for two years, i think it is safe to say yes he has.

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Q: Did maryse ever kiss the miz?
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Has WWE diva Maryse ever kissed the miz?

NO and I don't think she nor anyone else ever will kiss the Miz.

Are Maryse and The Miz dating?

yes maryse is dating the miz

How did miz and maryse meet?

Miz came out after Maryse won her match

Maryse makes out in bed with miz?

I have NEVER EVER made out with The Miz July 2010 and you are not the real Maryse, you had promised you would quit pretending to be her! I guess the lawsuit is back on!

Is maryse crushing on the miz?

Maryse and the Miz have been dating for three years

Who is maryse living with?

maryse icurrently living with the miz

Who is dating maryse?

Maryse is NOT dating The Miz. People get mixed up with that A LOT. Miz is dating Eve, and Maryse dating a non-wrestler, but I do not know his name. She said it herself.

Did maryse go out with the miz?


The miz is going out with maryse?

No ted dibiase is going out with maryse

Is kelly kelly engaged to the miz?

The miz is engaged to maryse

Are Cody Rhodes and maryse really dating?

Maryse is marrying The Miz. No even that nots true, Maryse is DEFINITLEY NOT marrying the Miz nor is she dating Cody Rhodes I man she don't even go with The Miz

Who is Maryse Ouellet dating?

Maryse is now engaged to the miz (2013)