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Yes Randy Savage beat Hulk Hogan 3 times, however

Hulk beat Savage 23 times out of all the matches that they had.

randy even beat Hulk Hogan for the World Heavyweight Championship.

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Of course he's lost before, it's not like he's THAT good at Wrestling

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One I can remember was WCW Uncensored 1999, he beat Hulk Hogan in a barbed wire steel cage match...

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Q: Did Randy Savage ever defeat Hulk Hogan?
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Has Hulk Hogan ever been in a slim Jim commercial?

NO, it was only Macho Man Randy Savage

When has randy savage beaten hulk hogan 1 on 1?

I dont think he has unless the Madness beat Hollywood Hogan at a WCW house show I dont know about

Is Randy Savage in the hall of fame?

Yes Randy Savage is a Hall of Famer. Dang he was my favorite wrestler from his era i loved the days of mega powers (hulk hogan and randy savage as a tag team) I wonder what ever happend to miss Elisabeth No Randy Savage is not in the WWE Hall of fame and Miss Elizabeth died a few years ago of a drug overdose

Legends of WrestleMania?

Legends of Wrestlemania is the latest video game produced by WWE. It contains many legends, including Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, and more.

What happened to hulk hogan's eye in wrestlemania 9?

Hulk Hogan was riding a jet sky the day before wrestlemania 9 and when he was riding he flew off and the jet sky hit him in the eye...And Hogan wanted the WWE to have the story that ''macho man'' Randy savage had beat him up in the parking lot.... and that's what happened!...

Which WrestleMania did hulk hogan defeat Andre the giant?

It was WrestleMania 3.

Who did hulk hogan defeat to win his WWE championship?

triple h

Who are undertaker s rivals?

Shawn Michaels ,Hulk Hogan .Randy Orton and Kane

Is randy coming to New Orleans?

Actually randy orton is coming to new orleans he will be there in a match against hulk hogan

What are the names of wrestlers in the mega powers tag team - summer slam 2009?

The Mega-Powers were "The Macho Man" Randy Savage and "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan.......what do you want to know about Summer Slam 2009?

Who did Hulk Hogan Defeat for his very first WWE Championship?

He defeated The Iron Sheik

Who would win in a fight between hulk hogan or Randy Orton?

Orton since Hogan is really old. But even if Hogan was fresh and young, I think Randy will get by some kind of cheap shot like usual :P