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Q: Can you wrestle in inflatable sumo suits?
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Where can you learn to Sumo wrestle?

A sumo stable in Japan would be the best place.

What island has sumo wrestle in poptropica?

The island that has sumo-wrestling in it is the Red Dragon.

Why is China fatter?

the fatter of sumo wrestle.

Where can a person buy sumo suits?

A person could purchase sumo suits from several retailers, and are also available for rent from others. Some retailers that offer the purchase of a sumo suit are sumo suits direct, and ezinearticles.

Where do Sumo wrestlers wrestle at?

Usually, their manager will promote them to tournements.

How long does it take the old man to tel you that he is Basho?

After you wrestle with the sumo

How much jello is needed for jello wrestling?

well, when I wrestle jello, I usually use 7 tons of jello. It is alot of fun. Sometimes we sumo wrestle... just for fun.

How many sumo wrestlers are there?


Do women sumo wrestle?

Women are allowed to sumo wrestle but they can only compete at the amateur level. Women are not allowed to touch the sumo wrestling ring or enter professional sumo competition. This is due to the belief that women touching the wrestling ring will make the dohyo not pure.

What do you do after you sell the bonsai tree to the guy on red dragon island?

You go to the sumo wrestling place and do Kanji copies, then sumo wrestle. You have to defeat the Yokozuna (champion), which makes the policeman lose his bet.

What would be good to do with family and friends for your confirmation?

you could get a chocolate fountain or sumo suits they would be cool

Do they have fancy dress sumo suits in Japan?

I'm not sure about in Japan, but you can definitely find suits on Amazon and other sites. You could probably find one on a Japanese website.