Can you kick in normal boxing?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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My opinion is that you should not box otherwise you might get terrible illnesses

and you might even break a bone. It is a lot of hard work and will tire you out

entirely. You also need to have the skills,flexibility and to be strong and

defensive !!!!

Although, it may be an interesting sport you might get bored of it and i am sure

you will immediately stop boxing at once.

I know this is my opinion and some will agree and some will disagree but i

advise you that boxing is not a very good sport!!

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"yes it is boxing"

No, this answer is massively incorrect - you CANNOT kick in normal boxing (specifically the Marquis of Queensbury style).

However, there were kicks (akin to straight push kick) and throws ("cross buttock" akin to a hip-throw) in bareknuckle boxing in earlier centuries

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Yes. But you can't jump on anyone. You can jump to Dodge punches. But when boxers usually do jump it's more of a hop.

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Q: Can you kick in normal boxing?
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