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you could... but you probably should go get that shoulder checked out.

your hands/arms are pretty important in boxing and without them, you won't be very successful.

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Q: Can you be a boxer if having dislocated shoulder?
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Is a dislocated shoulder a preexisting condition?

If your shoulder commonly comes out of its socket, then it is a preexisting condition. If it is the first time you have dislocated your shoulder or if you have never dislocated your shoulder, then it is not a preexisting condition.

How do you use 'dislocated' in a sentence?

A dislocated shoulder or knee can be quite painful.

Is my hamster going to die it dislocated its shoulder?

A hamster with a dislocated shoulder is not going to die. He should be taken to the vet, who can pop the shoulder back into place and heal the hamster.

Felt a pop in your shoulder now have shoulder pain and pain radiating down your are what could this be?

Dislocated Shoulder

Is swimming good exercise for dislocated shoulder?

it is bad

What happens to the muscle tissue in a dislocated shoulder?

it is damaged

What is the most easily dislocated joint the the body?

The shoulder joint is the most easily dislocated joint in the body due to its wide range of motion and relatively shallow socket. It is common for the shoulder to dislocate when the arm is forced into an extreme position or experiences a sudden impact.

How can you heal a dislocated shoulder?

It just has to be put back into place.

How do you treat a hamster with a dislocated shoulder?

Take it to the vet and let him do it

Will a puppy's dislocated leg heal on its own?

No, dislocated limbs need to be "relocated" in their proper socket before healing can take place. This type of injury is extremely painful. Let dislocated, it can cause damage to the tendons and ligaments which hold the joint in normal position. Get the puppy to a Vet immediately! If you dislocated your shoulder, what would you do about that? I'm sure you'd go to a doctor. Why would you even hesitate about doing the same for your puppy? Anyway, having had a dislocated shoulder, I can tell you that it's painful. Give the pup some relief and get him to the vet. Please. Go to your vet!!

What are the medical uses for a shoulder brace?

The medical uses for a shoulder brace are to protect the shoulder and keep it in place usually after a shoulder injury. These are often used when one has dislocated a shoulder.

Who is a french rugby captain started international with a dislocated shoulder?

Marc lievermont