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He's done it before so I'm pretty sure that he can do it again, son.

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Q: Can stone cold Steve austing win undertaker?
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Who were all of stone cold Steve Austin opponenets at wrestlemania?


Who would you like to replace in Stone Cold Steve Austin in his movie The Condemned?


Did the Undertaker or Austin win the Buried Alive match?

stone cold Steve Austin won

Why haven't The Undertaker had a match against Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock in Wrestlemania?

Because Vince McMahon didn't want them to..

Is stone cold better than undertaker?

nope, undertaker is the deadman, he is the best striker in the wwe, he has 20-0 at wrestlemania. stone cold is good but undertaker is better.

When is undertaker going to return 2009?

The Undertaker, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Page Diamond, And Hulk Hogan are on vacation together for the immediate future. So, I doubt ever.

Can undertaker beat stone cold?

yes undertaker canbeat anyone

What is the cheat code to unlock Stone Cold Steve Austin in Smackdown vs Raw 2011?

There is no cheat code to unlock Stone Cold Steve Austin in WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011. You're gonna have to accomplish the challenges to battle Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 26 (Storyline: Vs. Undertaker).

Does undertaker has the most belts in WWE?

No he is not the person who has won the most belts, is either stone cold steve austin or the rock because undertaker has won the most wreslemanias in a row, dont be stupid people.

Did a heel ever win a WWE wreslmania match?

Yes, including: Edge Randy Orton Stone Cold Steve Austin Kane The Undertaker

Who is better stone cold Steve Austin or Chris Jericho?

Stone cold steve austin is better

Is cael sanderson the only person who went undefeated?

No, he's not. Undertaker, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Triple H went undefeated also