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No, the Olympics do not have a category for Karate. There is a category for Tae Kwon Do and one for Judo.

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Pretty much any one can.

I know some one who has one arm and had a stroke so a strap on his hand to punch.

I've seen some very talented martial artist confined to a wheel chair.

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Q: Can i participate in Olympic for Karate?
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When was karate introduced to the Olympic Games?

Karate has not been demonstrated as an Olympic sport yet.

What is the maximum age to compete in karate in the Olympics?

Karate is not an Olympic sport.

Is the karate team participating in the 2012 Olympics?

Karate is not one of the Olympic sports. Taekwondo is an Olympic sport and the US is participating.

Why Argentina do not participate in Olympic in 2012?

Argentina did participate in the 2012 Olympic games.

Has US won gold in Olympic karate?

Karate is not an Olympic sport. However, Tai Kwon Do is an Olympic sport and there have been a number of gold medals for the United States in this sport.

How can I write that we need to participate in karate tournament?


How many countries participate in karate on a national level?

This is not a constant figure as karate is spreading throughout the world all the time.

How many people have won medals in the olymipics through karate?

That would be none, as Karate is not an Olympic sport. Taekwondo is in the Olympics.

How is karate rated in the world?

Rated as what? A sport? An activity that people participate in? As a fitness program? As the total number of people that participate.

In the beginning who could participate in the olympic games?

Anyone who qualified for the Olympic standard.

Why are the Olympic Rings special?

it represents every countries that have participate in the Olympic Games

How old do you have to be to participate in Olympic sports?