Can black widow spiders kill you?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Possible, but not likely. However, it will make you sick.

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They can, but deaths are rare.

Yes a Black Widow can kill you but rarely people die from Black Widow bites.


They can cause seizures, breathing problems, twitching, and rarely death.

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No, not unless the person is terminally ill, elderly, or a young child. You can still get sick, almost like flu feeling.

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Q: Can black widow spiders kill you?
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Can jumping spiders kill black widows?

No a jumping spider can kill a black widow. A jumping spider killed our huge black widow that killed another spider.

What does it mean to be a black widow?

A black widow spider (along with most other spiders) will kill her mate, so a woman who kills her husbands is called a black widow.

Who are black widow?


Why do Black Widow spiders live in New England?

Spiders are all relatives and when different spiders mate they get different species of spiders. that's how black widow spiders came to england.

Were in michIgen does black widow spiders live?

Black Widow Spiders are usually found along the Lake Michigan coast line.

Are black widow spiders rare?


Do black widow spiders migrate?


How long is a black widow spider life span?

Black widow Spiders are the most toxic spiders in the united states, luckily the typical life span of a Black widow spider is only 2-3 years.

Do widow spiders poison other animals?

Yes, the main purpose of the black widow spider's venom is to kill prey items and as a defense against predators.

Who are the Black Widow Spiders Relations?

Black widow spiders are part of the family Theridiidae which includes other widow spiders. They are related to other species of Latrodectus including the redback spider.

Why are Black Widow Spiders considered pests?

Most spiders in general are considered pests. Black Widow spiders are relatively poisonous and thus considered more of a pest than many spiders.

Where do widow spiders live?

Black widow spiders live around logs and rocks any where they can make a nest