Can a woman out wrestle a man?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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While it's not 'illegal', per se, for men to wrestle women, the WWE does not allow such matches to take place any longer. The main reason for this is the WWE's recent turn to a more PG, family friendly atmosphere, and man-on-woman violence does not fit into this. Also, certain advertisers would probably pull their support from the WWE, leading to a large financial hit, which Vince McMahon would like to avoid at all costs. On top of this, Linda McMahon is currently running for a Senate seat, and showing man-on-woman violence would give her opponents plenty of firepower to attack her for her family's company's lax moral character. Also, how many divas currently on the WWE roster would be able to competitively take on an average WWE wrestler?

With this said, it's not completely unheard of in recent years. For instance, Beth Phoenix entered the 2010 Royal Rumble, only the second woman to do so ever, and eliminated the Great Khali before taking CM Punk's Go 2 Sleep finisher and being eliminated by a clothesline.

Also, it is more common outside of the major two promotions, WWE and TNA. For instance, the tag team of Daizee Haze and Sara Del Ray in the Chikara Wrestling promotion have recently announced their boredom with women's wrestling and have dared any male tag team to wrestle them. LuFisto has challenged, and beaten, Kevin Steen for the CZW Ironman Championship and also competed in their annual Cage of Death event. Mickie Knuckles, who had a brief run in TNA before breaking her leg, has opted to go back to independent wrestling promotions after her recovery due to TNA's reluctance to let her wrestle men.

Also if you are talking about the wrestling in School "REAL" wrestling girls can go ageist a boy. i am a girl and i pretty much only wrestle boys.

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Yes, if the man is weak enough. When I was 25 I pinned a sickly 50-year-old man.

I think it is not just about whether the man is weaker than the girl.

Quite often the man may start out stronger but if the girl is much fitter and the man is a coach potato then he will quickly run out of steam and before long he will be weaker than the girl.

The biggest determinant of who will win is skill rather than strength. I am a guy who was not just beaten but thoroughly humiliated by a girl who was a lot smaller and weaker than myself. She was in my country's national judo squad and was far more skillful.

I have wrestled against a number of ladies and although I have won the majority of matches I have still been beaten and forced to submit time and time again by the more skillful ladies.

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As in physically? Yes, some women are stronger than some men, and it is entirely possible for a woman to out-wrestle, beat up, or otherwise maim (or kill) a man.

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in WWE and TNA then the answer is no

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Q: Can a woman out wrestle a man?
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