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randy turpin

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michael oshungbure

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Q: British boxers who boxed in golden gloves?
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Is there any british boxers who have boxed in the new york golden gloves?

yes, there was two boxers who boxed in New york golden gloves. Simon Sommerville and Michael Oshungbure. ithink Ssimon was first British boxer to win golden gloves and Michael Oshungbure the third. ironically the two boxers came from Tottenham London.

What did the boxers of the boxer rebellion do to people?

Why the boxed of course.

How much is the prize money of a champion boxer in super featherweight?

Having boxed professional myself i know of some boxers in the United Kingdom who have boxed at featherweight title level. It really depends on what you mean by "champion". A british champion can expect to earn £30,000 to £40,000 per fight A world champion could range from £100,000 to millions of pounds depending on T.V deals and belt they are fighting for.

What kind of sporting events were held back in the 1970's?

Boxing. In the seventies they used gloves that were smaller, and back then even the professionals boxed with horse hair gloves. Back then it was considered the golden age of heavyweights because of the emergence of Ali, and the superfights that he was involved in If you want something that's unique about boxing from the 70's to now, now there's 12 rounds instead of 15.

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Is Dana white a golden glove boxing champ?

No. Dana White never boxed, he simply taught a Boxercise class for a while.

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The Boxed Life was created in 1993.

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How old was Mike Tyson when he boxed for the first time?

He was 19 when he first boxed professionaly.

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