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won the wbc and wba heavyweight title beating sonny liston in 1964

stripped of wba belt due to inactivity caused by a hernia opperation

regained wba title from ernie terrell in '67

stripped of both belts 8 months later.

won national nabf (north American boxing federation) belt in 1971

lost and regained it from Kenny norton

won wba and wbc heavyweight titles beating george foreman in 1974

lost both to leon spinks (leon stripped of wbc belt for granting ali a rematch instead of defending against norton, norton awarded belt)

regained wba title from spinks, then retired (briefly)

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WBC super featherweight title

WBC lightweight

WBC super lightweight (jr welterweight)

WBC / IBF / IBO / IBA welterweight belts

WBC jr middleweight.

The fight with Shane Mosley is for the WBA welterweight belt.

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against sonny liston in their first fight in 1964

against george foreman in Zaire in 1974.

in his rematch with leon spinks in 1978

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Black belt, haha get it

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Q: Boxing matches that Muhammad Ali won a title belt?
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What is a sentence using the word victor in it?

The victor will gain a trophy. The victor of a boxing title match will gain a belt.

What is the difference between preliminary fight and main event in boxing or mma?

Preliminary fights are not as big of a deal as the main event which may be a title fight for a belt

For which sport is the Lensdale Belt awared?

The Lonsdale Belt is for British boxing.

Which heavy weight boxing champion was striped off of his crown?

Muhammad ali on two separate occations was stripped off one belt or another leon spinks Larry Holmes george foreman, second time around James toney (declared a no contest, so officially never won the heavyweight title)

What world heavyweight boxing champion also had a black belt in tae kwon do?

Muhammad Ali trained in Taekwondo with Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee. I have had the pleasure of meeting Muhammad Ali a couple of times and had the honor of personally presenting him with an honorary Black Belt Dan certificate that came from the Kukkiwon, world headquarters in Seoul Korea.

Who did Muhammad ali fight in the second heavy weight championship?

Muhammad Ali fought Jimmy Ellis to get his title belt back after being beaten by Joe Frazier.

What is Rocky Balboas title belt?

It is a Replica of the Ring Magazine Title Belt. The only difference between The Rocky Belt and The Ring Belt is that the Rocky title contains the circle around whereas the Ring title does not.

When did Muhammad ali served in Vietnam?

Muhammed Ali did not serve in Vietnam. In fact he publicly refused to fight in Vietnam, even knowing he could have been jailed and could lose the championship belt as heavyweight champion of the world. He did, in fact, lose tthe championship belt and wasn't even allowed to compete in Boxing for several years. When he returned to boxing he regained the championship. Took a lot of courage on his part...but he did it.

Where are the matches on Club Penguin to get a belt?

You go to the Dojo Courtyard.

How do you put title on line in smackdown vs raw 2011?

You must press the Square button, to preset the matches. You then will get the option for a title match.

What is the best sanctioning body in boxing?

The WBA is the oldest sanctioning body in boxing today, however the WBC for its iconic 'green belt' is probably considered the most prestigious belt to win. For any hardcore boxing fan, there are way too many titles in boxing these days as it is, let alone the additions of 'interim' and 'super' champions, the IBF is the only sanctioning body that recognizes only 1 world champion and doesnt deal with the alphabet title nonsense, this is why most boxing pundits see them as the most respected, the WBC in this sense are abit of a joke, having even silver titles and youth silver titles. The wbo isnt universally recognized as one of the 'big 3' however is considered a world title as such. So to answer your question i would say IBF-WBC-WBA-WBO.

Who where the 1960s heavyweight boxing champions?

ingemar johannson, crossing over from 1959 Floyd Patterson, who regained the title from ingo in 1960 Charles "sonny" liston, who twice knocked out Floyd in the first round (in '62 & '63). Cassius clay/Muhammad ali, from '64 till '67 when he was stripped for failure to submit to the draft. the title fractured from '65 to '67 when ernie terrell held the wba version of the title, till he met ali in a unification. after ali was stripped the title fractured again....jimmy Ellis won the wba title, and joe frazier won the wbc belt. they met to unify the title in 1970, when frazier won in the fifth, then joe beat a comebacking ali in '71 to cement his claim.