Are matches choreographed

Updated: 9/27/2023
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yes, in that they know who will be vicorious, yes in that they would probably talk about it if they were going to throw each other onto a table or jump on someone from a 15ft ladder. but no in that not every single move is talked about and rehersed prior to a match. as they are professionals they go-with-the-flow some time, but other times they plan ahead.

Answer100% true, some guys talk, to each other and the ref, more than others, but there's always an outline they decide on, well before the match. If you watch, a match, close enough, you can see them talk, for a breif second, and take a minute to think, about the ref arguing with one of the guys. 99% of the time they argue, the ref gets KOed, right then, or a short time later. The ref isn't arguing, he's getting told what they want to happen. I know that pro-Wrestling is fake, but I still enjoy watching it, week in and week out.
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Yes they are. The match flow and results are fixed and staged in order to follow the story lines.

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Q: Are matches choreographed
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yes and no, high flying moves are 100% real, but powerful moves and slams are only sometimes real, but yes the matches are choreographed and scripted

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