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No boxers are not allowed to wear beards in the ring , as some are idiotic and loose their head in frustration, like Tyson bit a boxers ear once. So as to avoid injury it is not allowed.

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Q: Are boxers with beards allowed in the Olympics?
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Why don't boxers have beards?

because they shave it

What sport are you not allowed to have a beard by law?

Your not allowed a beard in the Olympics because if you have a beard it might not be able to fit the mask that you will be wearing to protect your face and also it might be a distraction for the opponent.

Are beards allowed on the PGA tour?


Are popes allowed to grow beards?

yes, yes they are.

What us boxers won gold in the 1980 Olympics?

The United States boycotted the 1980 Olympics.

Who are the women boxing at the London Olympics?

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Are kids allowed to do the Olympics?

kids are not allowed to attend the olympics

Can professional boxers compete in the Olympics?

Technically no. The Olympics are for "amateur" atheletes, those who do not make their livelyhood by the sport they compete in.

How come some professionals allowed in the Olympics eg Andy Murray and others are not eg boxers?

Each sport has a different governing body and each governing body decides who can compete in that sport.

Were the women allowed to compete in the ancient Olympics?

No, women were not allowed to enter the olympics.

Who were allowed in the original Olympics?

nude men competed in the Olympics back then and married women were not allowed to go to the Olympics

When were women first allowed to ride in the Olympics?

They were first allowed to ride in the Olympics in 1952