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Q: Why did Jason quit the football team?
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What football team does Jason statham support?


What football team does Jason orange support?

Jason is believed to support Manchester City

In the book Tangerine why did Erik quit football?

Erik quit football because of Antoine. As you may have know he had his "everything" planned for him, and he went to a really good football team. It's just that Antione lived in Tangerine and he was playing with Erik which was for Lake Windsor and that was against the Law. S the sports people nullified all the scores. Which made him quit football.

Did Jason Wilcox ever play for England football team?

yes he did

Did uab quit football?

UAB did quit football. They removed their entire football department from the school.

Who is Jason Dolley's favorite football team?

It Is The bulldogs NFL falcons

What team does Jason Taylor play for?

Jason Taylor is a football player who was born in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. He is a former linebacker for the Miami Dolphins but retired in 2012.

For which American Football team does Jason Campbell play?

Jason Campbell plays for the Cleveland Browns. He was drafted in 2005 for the Washington Redskins, and has previously played for the Oakland Raiders and Chicago Bears.

When was Jason Smith - American football - born?

Jason Smith - American football - was born in 1986.

How do you quit football after lettering your fres and sophomore years?

You dont quit

Should you quit football?

No, football give us streanth

What actors and actresses appeared in Jason Marriner Football Hooligan - 2009?

The cast of Jason Marriner Football Hooligan - 2009 includes: Jason Marriner