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The "boomers" were a group (most notably David L. Payne, for whom Payne County, OK is named) who agitated for more than ten years prior to 1889 to open Oklahoma to settlement. The "sooners" were those who illegally crossed the line prior to the opening gun at high noon on April 22, 1889 in order to stake claims to the best land. Most "sooners" planned to immediately resell their claims at a profit.

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Q: Who were the Sooners and the Boomers?
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Sooners were settlers who snuck into Oklahoma to claim land before it was officially opened for settlement in the 19th century. Boomers were individuals who advocated for the land to be opened for settlement, particularly the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889.

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One of the Sooners logo is a wagon, symbolizing the Oklahoma Land Run ,and the sooner they claimed the land, the better. (notice the slanted words)

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The first farmers to settle Oklahoma were often called "Sooners" because they entered the territory before it was officially open for settlement in the 1889 Land Run. They sneaked in early to stake their claim to the land, hence the nickname "Sooners."

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