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I believe Loughborough and Birmingham are meant to be good

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Q: Which is the best college for studying sports medicine in UK?
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What college is the best for becoming a ER doctor?

The University of Rochester is very advanced in medicine science and also sports medicine, which is often the case in E.R.'s

Why did you choose that sport?

to get started in sports medicine you must go to college for at least4 to 8 years and earn your doctorate degree here are some websiters that show you the list of the best colleges for thisEducation portal-list of schools that offer sports and list of best colleges for sports medicine.

Which college is best for studying MCA in tamilnadu?

jj collage

What is the best sports college?

The University of Michigan

What is the best schoolcollege in the manila?

UP college of medicine

What are the ten most popular college sports in the US?

lackham college is the best

Where can I obtain a degree in sports medicine?

Most universities offer sports medicine as a degree. Even some smaller institutions offer sports medicine as a degree. It is hard to get specific because without knowing where you are from I can't say the best schools in your area.

What college has the best sports management program?


What college is the best sports management school?

The best college for sports management are ITT Technical Institute, TechSkills, University of Phoenix, Westwood College, and DeVry University. Of course, some of them are online schools.

What college has the best record in all sports?

Brighton Grammer

What is the best Sports Psychology School?

orewa college by far

What is the best sports college in California?

the best in basketball at the moment is ucla the best in football is usc