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C. S. Lewis attended and graduated from Oxford.

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Q: Where did c.s Lewis go to college?
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Was CS Lewis a reverend?

C.S. Lewis was surprisingly not a reverend, but a writer and college professor.

Did CS Lewis have a beard?

No, CS Lewis was clean shaven.

Where is the CS Lewis Library?

The CS Lewis Library is located at The Queen's College in Oxford, England. It houses a collection of books and materials related to the life and works of author C.S. Lewis, who was a former student and fellow of the college.

What is CS Lewis' favorite color?

CS Lewis' favourite color was of course...... GREEN! who doesn't like the color green?!

What do cs from cs Lewis stand for?

Clive Staples Lewis - known to his friends and family as Jack

Is CS Lewis single?

No, CS Lewis is not single.

Did CS Lewis have a tragedy in his childhood?

Yes. CS Lewis's mother died when he was just nine years old.

What are the names of cs Lewis?

The name of c.s lewis is charles steven lewis

Where did CS Lewis's mum work?

Prior to 1908, the year in which CS Lewis's mother died of cancer, married women did not work.

Did C.S. Lewis win a Caldecott Medal?

No, CS Lewis was not an illustrator.

What is C.S. Lewis's occupation?

CS Lewis is a/an Novelist, scholar, broadcaster

How many children does C.S. Lewis have?

CS Lewis has 2 children