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the College Football season officially endswith the bcs championship game in early January the proseadon ends with the Super Bowl usually on the last Sunday of January or the first Sunday of february

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It is over in February. The Super Bowl is in February.

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The NFL football season is the shortest professional season in the United States. It typically runs from September to the first weekend in February.

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Q: When does the American football season ends?
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What months does football season run?

In England the football season starts in August and ends in early May.

What does post season mean in football?

Post season is where the nseson ends and they start the playoffs.

What date will the regular season end for college football?

College Football starts in August each year. The regular season for college football usually in ends in November or early December.

How many games are there in a regular season of American football?

In a regular season of American football there are a large amount of different games that are played. On average, there are 256 different season games, and 11 playoff games.

When does the 2010 spanish football season start?

It starts on 28 August 2010 and ends on 22 May 2011.

When does American football season begins?

in the late fall leaning on winter. =) Pre season football begins in August and the regular season starts the first week of Sept. right around Labor Day.

What was the first professional football team in Florida?

The Miami Dolphins whose first season in the American Football League was 1966.

In football what possition wears no 81?

The wide receivers typically wear number 81 in American Football. Some tight ends wear it as well.

What season ends in December?

The season that ends in December is Fall.

Is it ok to play football and waterpolo?

Of course it is! As long as your football season ends in the winter, and waterpolo starts in the spring, youre fine. If you want to play spring football however, i wouldn't suggest playing waterpolo.

Are there any EPL soccer games scheduled in London in early June 2013?

No. The football season ends on the 19th May 2013.

What season is the best for football?

Football season