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Q: What sports did John McCain play in high school or college?
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Did McCain play sports?

Yes, John McCain, the late Senator from Arizona, was an avid sportsman. He played football in high school and college, where he was nicknamed "McNasty" for his tough playing style. He also enjoyed other sports like boxing and tennis.

What is John McCain's favorite sports team?

according to wikipedia, john mccain is a member of the Oakland raider nation

Did john mccain release his college transcripts?


John McCain's college and where what is his degree?


In what state did John McCain attend high school?

John McCain attended and graduated from Episcopal High School, Alexandria, VA .

Where does John McCain stand on religion in school?

Does President elect John McCain believe in religion in public schools?

What sports does John McCain like?

womens beach voleyball roar

Is John McCain a high school graduate?

Is John McCin a high school graduate

John McCain occupations after college?

he became a butt head

What did John McCain do after graduating college?

he sailed around the world

Where did john McCain wife go to school?

a zoo

Why didn't John McCain serve in the Korean War?

McCain was still in High School during the war.