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Q: What is the highest score you can get on a CLEP exam?
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What are students eligible for if they score high enough on a CLEP exam?

college credits. (apex)

What is the cost of the clep exam?

The CLEP exam fee is now $80. We are sensitive to the current economic conditions and strive to keep our costs to a minimum.

Where can you take courses to prepare for the CLEP exam?

You can prepare for the CLEP exam by taking courses at various institutions such as community colleges, online platforms like Khan Academy or Coursera, and test prep companies. It's also recommended to review the official CLEP study materials and practice tests provided by the College Board.

What is the highest passing score for the certified medical assistant exam?

425 is the minimum passing score for the CMA exam per the AAMA.

How much does it cost to take the clep exam?


The scoring range of a CLEP exam is from?

20 to 80

What is the passing score for the English composition clep test?

The recommended passing score on all CLEP tests is 50/80, but some colleges require a higher score. Check with your advisor.

Where to order clep exam notes online what are the best exam notes for college?

The best place I know of for CLEP exam study information is, a site which guarantees that you will pass your CLEP upon completion of the corresponding CLEP preparation course. I have passed 17 CLEPs, and SpeedyPrep has been the best resource I have found to date. **full disclosure* I am an employee of*

What is the formula for figuring out what your clep score would be?

Check out the Related Link below for an explanation of the CLEP scores.

What is a clep test?

A CLEP test is a test used to gain college credits based on off-campus experience. CLEP stands for College Level Exam Program

How many forms of identification do you need to take the Clep Exam?


How many forms of identification are required to take a CLEP exam?