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soccer Basketball, a lot of summer sports so not Ice Hockey

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cross country football basketball Baseball cricket swimming softall

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UNM(University of New Mexico)

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Q: What is the college sport teams in New Mexico?
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What are the sports teams of New Mexico?

There is no professional teams but college teams are New Mexico State Aggies, New Mexico Lobos, and Western New Mexico Mustangs.

What professional sports teams are in New Mexico?

College- New Mexico Lobos, New Mexico State Aggies, Western New Mexico Mustangs. Leagues- New Mexico Scorpions.

Where is Northern New Mexico College located?

Northern New Mexico College is located in the state of New Mexico.

What is a college name in New Mexico?

University of New Mexico, New Mexico, New Mexico State, University of Albuquerque, and Santa Fe Community College.

What is New Jersey's sport teams?

the nets

Sports teams in New Mexico?

Albuquerque does have a minor league baseball team in the Class-AAA Pacific Coast League. The Lobos of the University of New Mexico compete in the Mountain West Conference, while the Aggies of New Mexico State belong to the Big West Conference.

When was Northern New Mexico College created?

Northern New Mexico College was created in 1909.

When was New Mexico Junior College created?

New Mexico Junior College was created in 1965.

When was Central New Mexico Community College created?

Central New Mexico Community College was created in 1964.

How many NHL teams are there in New Mexico?


Top sport teams in 1920s?

New York Yankees

City with most sport teams wins?

New York.