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An incomplete pass. Unless a member of the defense catches it, then it's an interception.

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An incomplete pass

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Q: What is a pass that is not caught?
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What is an incompletion?

An incompletion is a pass that is not caught by the offense or defense. A pass that is caught by the defense is called an interception. A pass that is caught by the offense is called a reception.

Where should the first pass be caught in netball?

The first pass should be caught in the centre third.

If netball center pass is not caught in center third is the free pass taken from where it was wrongly caught or from a point in center third?

if the centre pass is not received in the centre pass then opposition get to take a free pass from where the attaking players wrongly caught the ball

Who caught Brett farves 421 td pass?

who caught brett farves 421 td pass

Who caught tom brady's first pass in super bowl 36?

Troy Brown caught his first pass for 21 yards

What receiver caught the pass that set up New York's last score in Super Bowl 43?

David Tyree caught the pass with his helmet

If a football is thrown and not caught?

It's an incomplete pass.

A pass that is legally caught in football?

a reception, not an interception

Who has caught a pass by Tom Brady?

Mario Manningham

What quarterback caught his own pass?

Brett Favre

Did John Elway ever complete a pass to himself?

Yes. He threw a pass that was batted in the air that he caught.

Who caught the longest pass completion in Cowboys history?

Bob Hayes