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"For love of the game"- I found that it has made me more disciplined in my academics, when I went to college it kept me out of trouble because i had no time to party. It's a great way to stay in shape!

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Q: What has motivated you to become a student athlete?
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What is a student athlete?

The definition of a student-athlete is someone that attends high school, college, or a university and competes in the schools athletic department. A student-athlete is a incredible role, it helps you become more active and competitive while also studying and working hard in the classroom.

What is the athlete's Bill of Rights?

The Student-Athlete Bill of Rights expands and also describes the University's commitments to the student-athletes in all phases of the student-athlete well-being and development.

A gifted student and awardwinning athlete he went on to medical school and to become a medical researcher?

William Erin dayson if that's how u spell it :P

What criteria would you use to select student athletes into team levels such as Varsity Junior Varsity and C Team?

I think you can base it off of different criteria but mostly the skill level the student athlete possesses then I would mix a little bit of future potential in. Do I think the student athlete will eventually become better in the near future. Is he or she a hardworker or slacker.

Why student athletes are in engineering?

I'm not sure, but I'm a student athlete and I'm into engineering!

If A verbal agreement between a prospective student-athlete and a summer coach that the summer coach will represent the prospective student-athlete in all matters relating to basketball will jeopardiz?


How does a UK student become a student-athlete in the US?

Well, there's a few ways to become a Student athlete at a U.S. or Canadian University. You are either scouted and provided a athletic scholarship, this can also be accomplished by providing a video of yourself playing your sport to the universities and hoping that they offer you a scholarship, or trial, based upon that video. The other manner is by you submitting your grades to the university of your choice and then try out for your chosen sport once there and hope you are selected as a "walk on". This would require you to pay your own tuition though.

What is the qualities of a motivated student?

Students who are motivated display goal-orientated behaviours. They take initiative, show resilience, harness their curiosity, and care for and respect their work. They are equipped to orchestrate their own learning journey.

When do you fill out a prospective student athlete questionnaire?

Junior Year or beginning of Senior

Is motivation an adjective?

Motivated is the past tense of the verb, to motivate. Motivated is the past participle of the verb " to motivate" and can be used as a Participial Adjective. Example: A motivated student can learn anything they wish to learn. (here "motivated" describes the student) So, yes! Motivated is an adjective AND the past tense form of the verb "to motivate."

How can you become a better athlete?

determination, drive

What majors does it take to become an athlete?