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a trophy

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Q: What does the winner of the final four gets?
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How many rounds is the final four in college basketball?

As the name suggests, there are 4 teams and therefore 2 games in the Final Four. The winner of those 2 games then play for the championship.

What is the worth of fifa worldcup 2010?

The final winner gets $30 million and it is what most football players dream of doing.

Who was the final four people in the voice?

Dia Frampton Beverly Mclellan Javier Colon (winner) Vicci Martinez

Who were the final four in the Biggest Loser 2009?

Helen Phillips (winner) Mike Morelli Tara Costa Ron Morelli

When will the winner of the glee project be announced?

The winner of The Glee Project will be announced in its final episode airing on August the 21st 2011. They are currently down to the bottom four including: -Alex -Damian -Lindsay -Samuel

Does Justin make it to the final five on total drama action?

NO!Jusin does not make it in the final five of total drama action. the final five r, Lindsey,Dunkin,Courtney,Harold, and that other nerdy girl who was lindseys best friend um...Beth? Yeah!Final four r: Courtney,Harold,lindseyand dunkin. Beth gets knocked outTHE WINNER IS!!!jk im not telling u but the final three come down to be Lindsey Harold and Courtney.the final two come down to be Harold and Courtney!im serious i actually will tell u the answer. the winner turns out to be the least expected....Harold

Who were the four teams in the final four in 2007 and what position was their seed?

Winner: Florida, 1 Runner-Up: Ohio State, 1 Semifinal losers: UCLA, 2 and Georgetown, 2

What crown in the anicent Greece the winner of the Olympics gets?

The winner gets a crown of laurel, which we know as bay leaves.

In the WWE is the Royal Rumble planned?

the order of entry and the final four in the ring and ofcourse the winner is all planned, other than that its a free for all

Who will be the 2010 grand final winner?

the USA

Who was the winner of the just dance final?


In what sport might a team become one of th Final Four?

The Final Four is present in college basketball. The March madness tournament consists of 65 teams then gets down to 64 teams, then to 32 then to 16 then to 8 then to 4. Those last four teams are considered the final four and are in the semi finals for the title of national champion of college basketball for that year. This year the final four is going to be played in Detroit, and while march madness is going on, soon enough there will be only four teams left, known as the final four.