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The most national championships in any one sport:

31 NCAA national titles - Kenyon College - Men's Swimming and Diving.

The most consecutive national championships in any one sport:

31 consecutive national championships - 1980 thru 2010 - by Kenyon College

in Men's Swimming and Diving

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UC Davis Aggies Football 20 straight. Streak ended 1990.

Penn State Women's Volleyball 19 straight to date.

Abilene Christian University Men's Cross Country 19 straight to date.

Old Dominion Women's Basketball 17 staright. Streak ends in 2009

Mars Hill College Men's Cross Country 13 straight to date.

Rice Men's Baseball 13 straight to date.

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USC---109 in all sports....

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Q: What college has won the most consecutive conference titles in a team sport?
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Your Probably Reffering to SEC, the southeast conference in college football. Its a division 1 conference with an automatic BCS major Bowl bid.

Which school has won most ncaa titles in a single sport?

UCLA Men's basketball Not even close. UCLA men's basketball has 11 titles. Oklahama State Wrestling has 34 - most of any college in any single sport.

Which college coach has the most national championships in any sport?

Coach McDonnell to retire after earning 42 national titles

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Yes. One example is the University of South Carolina which is part of the Southeastern Conference or SEC. However, this conference does not include soccer as one of its sports. Therefore their men's and women's soccer teams compete in Conference-USA.

Which college football team has the most back to back national championships?

UCLA has won the most consecutive NCAA Division I Men's basketball championships, but Kenyon Univ has the most consecutive championships in any sport with 30 in DIII Swimming and Diving. Hobart College has the most consecutive team championships in any sport with 12 in D III Lacrosse.

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