Should schools ban sports

Updated: 9/28/2023
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This is a major opinion question and you'll get a variety of answers to it. I'll try to cover the major positions with their cited support.

For a ban: Some groups feel sports should be banned in school, particularly in middle school, because they can be a distraction from academics. The point of the school is to teach students the information they need to succeed in life, and this can be taught without having students playing sports. Student-athletes tend to become athletes first and students second, diminishing their focus on learning and getting good grades. Having star athletes also creates a group of students that are cool or popular, resulting in a group of students who are non-athletic being seen as inferior or unpopular; this can lead to bullying of those non-athletic students by the athletes or by other students who idolize the athletes. There is also a cost to the school to provide organized sports; with the current financial challenges many schools are facing, eliminating sports teams is one way to save money and preserve the core function of providing a solid basic education to all students.

Against a ban: Some groups feel sports are a vital component of the school experience - it builds character in those students who participate and increase bonding to the school for all students by giving the school a good reputation. Also, many students go on to college paid for partially or completely by athletic scholarships - eliminating sports teams, particularly in high school, would force these students to find other means of financing their college education. Sports also give more physical and athletic students a way of focusing their energy and building their dedication to a goal, particularly those students who may struggle academically.

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No because kids like it and they will get fit.

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No because if they do then pro teams can't really get players on their teams

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Q: Should schools ban sports
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