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91 TD receptions.

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Q: How many touchdowns has Isaac Bruce caught in his career?
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How many receiving yards did isaac Bruce have in the 2008 NFL season?

He had 835yards, 61 receptions,and 7 Touchdowns.

What is Isaac Bruce's birthday?

Isaac Bruce was born on November 10, 1972.

When was Isaac Bruce born?

Isaac Bruce was born on November 10, 1972.

How old is Isaac Bruce?

Isaac Bruce is 38 years old (birthdate: November 10, 1972).

What is the birth name of Issac Bruce?

Issac Bruce's birth name is Isaac Isidore Bruce.

Is Isaac Bruce in the NFL Hall of Fame?

No, not yet.

Who is the rams receiver who had 1292 receiving yards in 2004 regular season?

Isaac Bruce. Bruce had 89 receptions for 1292 yards and 6 TDs in the 2004 season.

How did Isaac Bruce become the best?

because he obey his lord/father

Who in the NFL has caught more than 1000 career receptions?

Through the 2008 season: 1) Jerry Rice - 1549 2) Marvin Harrison - 1102 3) Cris Carter - 1101 4) Tim Brown - 1094 5) Isaac Bruce - 1003 Barring injury, Terrell Owens (951) and possibly Tony Gonzalez (916) will join the 1000 reception club next season.

Who has the third most receiving yards in NFL history?

Isaac Bruce(St.Louis Rams)

Which NFL running back has the most career receiving yards?

Jerry Rice had 22, 895 receiving yards in his career, by far the most ever. Currently Isaac Bruce is second with just over 15,000 receiving yards.

Why did Sir Isaac Newton choose his career?

because it helps me understand everything he do..