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They won the tournament 4 times whenever the Big 12 was the Big 8. And they have won the tournament 9 times since the conference got renamed to the Big 12

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Q: How many times has KU won Big 12 tournament?
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How many times has UCLA made it to the NCAA Championship tournament?

They have made it to the tournament 43 times. And they have won 11 of the NCAA tournament championships.

How many times has Oregon won the NCAA tournament?

Once in 1939

How many times has Maryland won the NCAA tournament?

once only.

How many times has a number 13 seed won in ncaa tournament?

This has occured 23 times

Who won the jungle tournament?

big andres

How many times has southern Mississippi won the ncaa men's basketball march madness tournament?

They have never won the tournament. They have only appeared in 3 NCAA tournaments and have never won a game.

How many times has Ohio won the ncaa basketball tournament?

NCAA Championship 1960 OSU They Have Won One

How many times has duke men's basketball won the NCAA tournament?

They have 4 titles.

How many times has Pittsburgh U won the NCAA March Madness tournament?


How many times has the University Of North Carolina won the NCAA mens backetball tournament?


How many times has the University of Illinois been in the NCAA March Madness tournament and how many times have they won?

The University of Illinois has been the the tournament 25 times - the first being in 1942 and the last of course this year. So far they have not won the Championship...four times they have gone to the Final Four (1949, 1951, 1952, and 1989) and their tournament record is 29 wins and 24 losses.

How many times have Duke been to the NCAA tournament?

duke has won 85 times i have been to everyone of them and i am only 2