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Q: How long has the nfl been on lock down?
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How long have the New York Giants been a football team in the NFL?

The Giants have been in the NFL since 1925.

How long has lofa tatupu been in the nfl?


How long has Jeff reed been in the NFL?

Kicker Jeff Reed had a 9 year NFL career.

How long has Brady been in the NFL?

He just finished his 12th year as an NFL quarterback

How long had Brian Piccolo been in the NFL?

From 1965 to 1969!

How long has Charles woodson been in the nfl?

16 years

How long has Billy Volek been playing in the NFL?

Quarterback Billy Volek had a 9 year NFL career.

How long has the NFL and AFL been around?

150 years for afl

How long has miles austin been in NFL?

2013 is Dallas Cowboys WR Miles Austin's 8th season in the NFL.

How long has Matt Stover been in the NFL?

Matt stafford has played in the nfl for 2 years

How long has there been an NFL game on Thanksgiving night?

The NFL Thanksgiving night games began in 2006.

How long have the patriots been in the NFL?

The Patriots were a charter member of the American Football League, which began play in 1960. They joined the NFL in 1970, when the AFL and NFL merged.