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The best way to write a speech if you are a kid is to write as if you were talking. Practice free-writing (writing down the first thoughts that come to your mind without thinking about grammar and mechanics). Don't try and sound like an adult, it'll come off as fake, and if you mess it up, you might just sound like you're full of hot air. Also stick to your main objective. Focus on what you're trying to say, and don't flip-flop or contradict yourself. Let the speech come from your heart and you'll do great!

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you have 5 things you have to talk about 1 your greeting 2 your first main point 3 your second main point 4 your last main point and then number 5 you just have to make a closeing sentence to finish of your speech.

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Q: How do you write a speech for school?
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Just write what people want you to write. And things that can be changed or helped out in your school and have your English teacher read over it.

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How do you write a school captain speech?

To write a school captain speech, start by introducing yourself and sharing why you want to be the school captain. Highlight your leadership qualities, past experiences, and ideas for improving the school. End with a call to action and a positive message to inspire your peers to vote for you.

How do you write a vice president speech in student council?

You need to start the speech out by stating your name. You also need to talk about how you are going to help the school throughout the year.

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