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Q: Can you play sports in college on a scholarship if you just ran in the Olympics?
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Is there a scholarship for playing sports with asthma?

yes, if your good at it. Plus you can get a scholarship for just about anything.

If scholarships are not just for good grades and sports, how do you find them?

College coaches are always recruiting high-school athletes to come play for their college team after they graduate. Several young students are hopeful that they will receive a sports scholarship because it is the only way they can afford to pay for their education. Colleges give away over $1 billion in sports scholarships to worthy student athletes. If you are just going to sit back and hope a college coach comes knocking on your door, you probably will be sitting there for a long time. You may be the best athlete at your school, but you still need to make an effort if you want to receive a sports scholarship. There are thousands of student athletes and not all of them were lucky enough to receive a scholarship.

How do you get in a college basketball team?

You can get a scholarship (like me) or just tryout for a team.

What were all the sports Sally Ride played?

Just Tennis I think... She got a scholarship for that

What are Vancouver's sports?

It's basically like the Olympics but just sports you can do in the snow or ice.

How can you go to college if you have no money?

Try getting a scholarship. There are millions of scholarship and you don't have to be smart to get them. Just go to and see which one is right for you.

How do you make the college football team?

get a scholarship. True or you can just go to college and sign up for football. You will have to pay for your spot but its a way

Can you barrel race in college?

Of coarse!! But if you acually have a future in barrel racing then you could get a scholarship! just sayin

What are the NCAA rules for scholarship athletes changing sports?

huh idont no dont ask me im just a freakin a-hole

What is the level of college soccer I have been offered a scholarship in America to a college of my possible choice and don't know if I'm good enough.?

Well that's what is good about college soccer, of course when they offer you a scholarship they think you are good, but they can make you better. just try your hardest and relax :)

How did gymnastics get in the Olympics?

i think just from being a popular sport and that practicly every college has gymnastics that they had put it in th olympics! :]

What are the chances of getting a scholarship to a division 1 college for baseball?

never you dont have a life. just quit now.